Call me immediately if anything happens.

People can be so rude.

Elias's wife's a friend of mine.

He used every trick in the book.

I'll get back to you, Chet.

Keep looking for them.

Terrence didn't mention that this morning when I saw him.

I knew we could do this.

John set a transcontinental speed record by flying from Los Angeles to New York in 3 hours and 23 minutes.

Thanks for staying with her.

Sheila is a close relative of mine.

My mother has cooked ten eggs.

Tell Dad to come.

A sudden wind agitated the surface of the pond.


You must keep track of how much time you spend with it.

Hey, look what I'm going to do.

The vision of the "new German Man" is in the limelight.

I don't want to go to work!

Sites like Google or Facebook record everything that you write and don't respect your privacy.

Replace the old tires with new ones.

Let's go shopping!


Don't ask me anything.

The earth is not a perfect globe.

Panacea knows the score.


Arne always loses his umbrellas.


We're heading for disaster.

I have no objection to the boy reading a book.

Can you please confirm the receipt of this note?

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My work at school was well above average.

What would you suggest we do?

I don't suppose you'd consider helping Susumu.


Countless lives have been lost.


Most of the suspects have been arrested.

I've heard of pseudomyopia, but I never thought my own child would come to have it.

The branding iron was red hot.

He didn't take the bait.

Give us what we want.

I think Benjamin could fix this.

Do you guys smoke?

She doesn't love me anymore.

What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.


Wax adds a look of depth to any finish.


I can stay up late since I am on summer holidays.


Deirdre's wrong.


Does he have many books?

Children are quick to accustom themselves to new surroundings.

It's as if I had always known how it all was going to end.

I never realized you were such a good French speaker.

We easily found parking.

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Maybe you shouldn't be doing that.

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You are an angel for doing my shopping.

I wanted to hug Tollefsen, but he wouldn't let me.

I made friends with Stu.

After a long search, we found a satisfactory room.

Brian will pay for what he did to us.

You're like an old woman.

I suggest that you proceed very carefully.

The police promised Elizabeth that they would look for his daughter.

It is a small world!

We're on speaking terms.

How lucky to meet you here.

It was such a nice day that we decided to have a picnic.

Recess ended.

Lanny walked up to the beautiful girl and asked her what her name was.

Is that good or bad for me?

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Norm is famous, isn't he?

Life is what you make it.

Terms of use may be changed without notice.

I struck up an acquaintance with her.

Oh! Seriously?

This is the key I have been looking for.

Never give up!


We went on our vacation then.


Phil said the same thing.


Jess is my old partner.

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Not even Theodore could've done this by himself.


Why didn't you tell me you were planning to go to Boston?


You are mistaken about that.


We have received your mail form you on last day.

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Tovah doesn't even know I exist.

Shaw, will you get up?

Which drama series do you like best?


I hope it snows all night.

He doesn't carry much baggage on his trips.

I asked the student what image he had of black people.

We met Terri.

The ship had taken on water and was down by the stern.


It was pretty close.


You're the lucky one.


But his friends call him Ken.


Something is still not right.

For your information, I've held this position for 20 years.

The tickets I bought are non-refundable.

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The skyscraper is in the center of the city.

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I only told you, no one else.

Danny doesn't live too far from here.

Put your suitcase over here.

He's about the same age as you.

We're booked for the whole month on Broadway.

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I'm not good at math.


I'm not a native speaker.

I was thoroughly confused.

I'm not sure what this means.

I was drinking with total abandon and blacked out. I have no idea what I was doing.

I want to be a doctor in the future.


You could sell that.

Andrew stood all by himself.

I'm pretty sure you're wrong about that.

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Polly found the information he was looking for online.

I feared that I might be late for the bus.

My desire is to help you with this problem.

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Let's go on a date tonight.


Slavery was a lucrative business.

Doors open when you're friendly.

The aircraft was conducting aerial reconnaissance.

He went to see her in the hospital every other day.

I didn't ask you to do that.


We're trying to teach Isidore basic problem-solving skills.

I am aware this is Thursday.

Can you understand what I'm saying?

He doesn't know who I am.

Irving wiped the blade of his knife on his jeans.

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They began using their power to become rich.

How much is this hat?

Why do you think Dan would do this?

I can only think of two examples of sedimentary rocks.

Tovah had no idea where Glynn had graduated from high school.


I'll get even with you!

Play-Doh apparently has a salty taste.

I'm sticking my foot out.

Yvonne milked the cow.

Himawan was extremely intelligent.

Norbert bought a camera for 500 dollars.

The worst is probably over.

His father had a good influence on him.

Although ambitions are well worth having, they are not to be achieved easily.

I've got to get him home.

I'm going to tell you a secret.


Snow is white.

"What," said he, "should be done to a certain person who has deceived everyone?"

If anyone can do it, it's Erick.

Not all the candidates can pass the examination.

I don't need them.

In spite of the controversy it aroused, the question still remains open.

I went to the beach with them.

What kind of insurance do you have?

The climate here is milder than in Moscow.

In any case you had better obey your parents.

We want to know.

Michelle is putting stuff in his backpack.

Lift up your hands in the air.

Zurich is the second largest gold market in the world after London.

Funeral pomp is more for the vanity of the living than for the honor of the dead.

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He told me about it.

This hill commands a very fine view.

Benson was so busy he skipped lunch.

You should speak with Ozan.

Tell the truth to Tricia.

That aircraft company deals in freight only.

Marilyn was confident.